Pressure, breathing problems, operations and heart? Heart disease and obesity surgeries?

Yes you can undergo bariatric surgery, but you have to go through Have a number of medical tests to better assess your health

Bariatric surgeries have proven to improve many health problems associated with heart disease, including:

Some believe that the deterioration of their health as a result of their diseases of blood pressure and heart make them unsuitable for the operation, and the truth is the exact opposite, these diseases are one of the reasons to undergo the process. See your doctor before surgery for a good preparation before surgery.

Enlarged liver problem prevent the operation?

Most obese people have enlarged liver as a result of increased fat and do not constitute any obstacles to surgery.

Diabetes and obesity surgery?

Does type 2 diabetes make the process more dangerous?

Bariatric surgery is the best treatment for type II diabetes

But with little weight is presented to the doctor to evaluate and determine the type of surgery with minor changes in the technique of surgery and dietary requirements and tests required before and good preparation for the patient to ensure the safety of the patient - This surgery is considered this technique for the treatment of sugar and not for slimming.

As for the first type, the process helps the patient to reduce insulin doses only

Hypertension - High cholesterol - Hypertrophy of the heart muscle.

During the tests, you should tell your surgeon the details of your entire condition.

Dysfunction of thyroid and obesity surgery?

Does a defect in the thyroid gland prevent the operation of the process?

Thyroid rates should be adjusted before any surgical intervention

Thyroid hormone deficiency leads to weight gain, sedimentation of subcutaneous fat and reduced burning rate, but does not prevent gastric sleeve for weight loss. Hormonal therapy and analysis should be taken every two months to control gland function and the results of the process are very satisfactory in weight loss with thyroid patients.

Obesity surgeries improve the metabolic and metabolic processes in the body, which improves the performance of the drug for the thyroid gland. It should be noted that the problem of the thyroid gland has two types Type I increase in secretion is the loss of weight and is not one of the problems that we may face in clinics for bariatric surgery.

 In the second case, a lack of secretion of thyroid hormone, which is the cause of existing obesity because the lack of secretion leads to a decrease in the burning of food and thus the accumulation of fat and obesity, and in the second case can not stop the hormone compensatory because obesity resulting from the lack of hormone is not the cause - and Refraining from taking hormone replacement therapy is very dangerous for the patient so it is not advised to stop the drug completely gland.