SASI - BiPartition

A Promising operation for obese and diabetic patients. SASI. A mix operation between gastric sleeves and gastric bypass surgeries.



Sasi bypass is a promising weight loss operation for diabetics; it offers excellent weight loss and diabetic resolution. Moreover, it results in minimal postoperative nutritional complications in comparison to other bariatric procedures; it can be described as a combination between gastric sleeve and bypass surgery.

How SASI is done?

Both Gastric sleeve is made together with gastric bypass by connecting stomach exit with the intestine after passing a part of it, resulting in two ways for passage of food:

  1. Sleeved stomach passage:  around 30% of food passes through and so vitamins and minerals are normally absorbed.
  2. Gastric bypass passage: around 70% of food passes through and so the majority of food and sugars are not absorbed which results in less calorie absorption, weight loss and hence, treatment of diabetes.

Who should consider SASI?

Diabetics whose BMI is over 30.

Non-diabetics whose BMI is over 35, in presence of other medical problems as diabetes or hypertension..

How does SASI cure diabetes (type 2) ?

Just exactly as antidiabetic drugs but in a healthy natural way by:

Encouraging your pancreas to secrete your own insulin hormone.

Correcting your body cells’ insulin resistance.

Decreasing the amount of calories absorbed compared to what you actually eat.


  1. Because it is the bariatric surgery without vitamin deficiency problems; Fortunately, patients do not have to commit to vitamins intake for long periods after it.
  2. Cures diabetes (type2) with 95 % success rate  
  3. Cures the patient from obesity complications as hypertension, hypercholesterolemia and bone disease.

Will I need to take vitamins for life after SASI:

The SASI operation was invented to provide the key for obese patients without suffering vitamin deficiencies after the operation and hence, eliminate the need for vitamins on the long run. You needn’t continue on vitamins and supplements for long periods after SASI operation. This is owing to the fact that 30% of food would have a natural pathway (food pipe-tummy-small bowel) where the minerals, nutrients and vitamins get absorbed.


When will I get the perfect weight after the SASI operation?

You will lose around 60% of your extra weight in the first 6 months; you can reach your ideal weight within the first 9-12 months after the operation, guided by our nutrition specialists and adhering to your follow up meetings while complying with our surgical team instructions.

Is SASI approved by the WHO?

A Spanish doctor called Santorus invented the procedure of SASI. in 2013; despite it’s marvellous results, it’s still pending approval from the WHO.