Each patient uses:

1 stapler - 1 scissors for separating fat and blood vessels - 5: 6 pins and staples and staplers used are two common types Johnson & Johnson (US), Covidien (US) and each of them has modern technology called

 powered stapler and GST (J&J)

Signia And tristapler 2.0 (covidien)

It is the best and the latest thing except that it is twice the price, and the two companies of the most efficient companies and research and studies on bariatric surgery is done using one of them.

Pins used and bariatric surgeries:

 Fate pins used:

These Aldbabis are made of friendly material for the human body, titanium, which has been used for decades in surgical operations and has no interactions or adverse effects on the body.

After the healing occurs dock the stomach tissue and is considered within the stomach as it does not interfere with the MRI procedure

Do these pins affect the stomach or cause any infection or bacteria in the stomach?

The material made of staples is an inert material that does not react in any way with the body. In addition, we ensure that no bacteria or foreign body can cause infection over time.

Can staples be removed after surgery?

We do not need to remove the pins, which are made of an inert material that does not interact with the body and its presence inside the body there is no harm as the stomach fuses around the pins and its presence after that without damage or benefit.