An obese patient should undergo a pre-operative diet

In order to reduce the size of the liver and internal fat, which gives a better chance for the surgeon to perform surgery and reduce the time of operation and improve the condition of the heart and chest, which increases the safety of the operation and anesthesia

 So you get better and less pain after surgery and recovery

It also reduces some of the inflammation in the napkin around the stomach

Treatment of gastrointestinal and gastrointestinal infections

 Prepare the digestive system for the process up to 100% healing rate

Psychologically rehabilitate the post-operative system

  • When preparing for any weight loss surgery you'll be able to make a lifetime commitment to more healthy changes in your diet and lifestyle.
  • You must tell the doctor of all types of medicines, vitamins and supplements you take may require stopping before the operation.
  • Perform medical examinations required by the surgeon.
  • Follow a healthy style in the weeks leading up to the process to help you lose weight faster.
  • Make sure you have the drinks and soups you need when you leave the hospital.
  • Make sure you get the medicines you need after the operation and liquid if necessary under the supervision of a doctor.