Quantization of stomach reduction

  • Less hunger and faster satiety.
  • Safe, successful and simple operation with 99.9% success rate
  • Gagging gives you healthy balanced eating that is enough for the body.
  • Quantification is a safe and radical solution to obesity and its risks.

Quantization (sound physiological process) does not affect digestive function in terms of digestion and absorption

  • Does not cause any change in the internal anatomy of the body
  • So we don't have to take vitamins for longevity first 6 months only
  • Increases the secretion of GLP1, which stimulates the secretion of insulin and therefore improves the burn and treats diabetes
  • Gagging takes you from an obese person to a normal person.

Gagging has no negative or negative side effects in the future

  • Gagging increases fertility in men and women for childbearing
  • Gagging does not affect sexual ability but improves it for the better
  • Losing weight increases your confidence.

Gagging has proven to be a great success in treating obesity and getting rid of excess weight by 90 to 100%.